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"Show Your Goodness" is rooted in Genesis 1:31 in which the Creator God saw that the man and woman created on the sixth day were indeed "very good." And so, all human beings, regardless of faith, race, nationality, language or any other differences, are called to "Show Your Goodness."
Fr. Bill Johnson, SJ, interviews Fr. Gabriel Ambroise, SJ, director of Foi et Joie Haiti in front of the first Montre Bonte w school under construction in Quanaminthe, Haiti in July, 2012.
Generous donors from throughout the United States, as well as friends in Germany and Spain, have helped us raise enough funds to complete our first two pre-schools in Quanaminthe, Haiti. The first school opened in October 2012 and the second opened in October, 2013. They are the first of five schools for children from 3 to 6 years old that, with your support, we will build in that northeastern corner of Haiti, across the border from Dajabón, Dominican Republic.

The schools are named Montre Bonte w, Haitian Creole for Show Your Goodness. They are be built and managed by Foi et Joie, the Jesuit network for basic education in Haiti (Fe y Alegría elsewhere throughout Latin America).

While Haiti struggles to rebuild the housing and infrastructure destroyed in the earthquake, please help us to invest in "human capital" by helping educate young Haitians to lead their country for generations to come. Your donation to Magis Americas, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, founded by the Jesuit Conferences in the United States and Latin America, supports the work of Show Your Goodness and Foi et Joie Haiti as outlined in the grant proposal.

700 kids showed up on October 7th for opening day of the second "Show Your Goodness" school in Quanaminthe, Haiti.
The students will be taught by nuns from Haiti, the Dominican Republic and The Congo. Latrines for the students still need funding.
Montre Bontre w Pre-School #1 Near Completion in September, 2012
Students gathered at the entrance of their completed school in October, 2012
After the Earthquake
Photos of the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. The rebuilding effort is still underway. and they need your help to rebuild... one school at a time.
Download an article about the ILAC's efforts in Haiti in Jesuit Journeys, Spring/Summer 2010.
When the earthquake hit Haiti in early 2010, the Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) mission in the Dominican Republic was in a unique position to respond to the tremendous needs of the earthquake victims because ILAC has been providing basic health care to the poor of the Dominican Republic since 1977. ILAC answered the call, and within one week had a well supplied team of surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and a pediatrician at work at the Haitian border triage center where over 400 patients were lying everywhere waiting for care, most for broken bones and crushed limbs.

Helicopter owner Jim Jalovec and pilot John Ward crashed and died while assisting the ILAC medical relief efforts in Haiti. Jim's shirt translates to "Show Your Goodness." Jim and John died showing their goodness. Help us continue their mission in Haiti by donating today.

Haitian school kids sing about their "Pre-escolar" near the site of the new school in April, 2012
The song entitled Show Your Goodness Today / Muestra tu Bondad Hoy was recorded in June, 2011 at the ILAC Center in the Dominican Republic. The video features photos of Haitian schoolchildren in several overflowing Foi et Joie schools in Quanamenthe, Haiti. Join in on the chorus and enjoy!
You may also donate by check by sending it to:
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